In Memory of: Antonio Renato De Vuono.


Illustrations created for a set of poems by a portuguese poet named Antonio Renato De Vuono.


I do not speak portuguese. These Illustrations were created with the help of the poets daughter, Gina Foglio, who would give me the general theme/feeling of the poem at which point I would use a translator to get key words to help inspire the illustration.


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Cloud Brushes

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Retro Brushes

Retro Brushes

Retro Brushes

Retro Brushes

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Water Colour Brushes

Water Colour Brushes

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Orange Slice

Great Blog—Lots of vintage prints

Little Girl on Swing

Parrot Eye

Naked Child Walking

Bird Cage


Classic Nude: Woman

Nude Gay Couple: Walking

Great Resource for Stock Images


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Vintage Contessa

Vintage Rolleiflex