Kasandra Staniscia

I worked side-by-side with Leslie when I was Digital Strategy & Content Coordinator in United Cycle’s Marketing department.

From the beginning, Leslie’s expertise and professionalism was clear. She approaches every project by asking the right questions, talking to the right people, and then providing the right results. I always knew I could count on Leslie 100% to do an outstanding job of her work and have it done on time—and look out to make sure I had mine done right and on time, too.

Leslie is a talented graphic designer with a clean style and extremely high attention to detail. She possesses a rare blend of right-brain organization and critical thinking, and left-brain originality and creativity. She has a solid understanding of design for web and knows how to ask the right questions in developing user interfaces that feel intuitive and look good, too.

She is a strong, clear communicator and is proficient at keeping all the right people in the loop on the status of every project. She has a great understanding of marketing strategy and creates concepts, campaigns, and designs that get results. In working with Leslie, she provided smart, yet kind and gentle mentorship to me. Leslie is an outstanding colleague, a talented designer, and I am now incredibly lucky to call her my friend too.

—Kasandra Staniscia worked alongside Leslie at United Sport & Cycle