CaringNow Magazine


I worked on CaringNow from its inception in 2011 to 2012 and was responsible for layout and design.

As the official magazine of the Alberta Continuing Care Association, Rose Country Advertising and Public Relations released CaringNow quarterly. 

Our team included myself, Kelley Johnston, Brian Stecyk, Ted Tennison of Rose Country Advertising and Denise MacDonald of ACCA.

« We directed this magazine to a broad audience. In doing so, we hope a wide range of people involved in Senior Care read and gain insight from CaringNow. Whether you be medical doctors and long-term care operators and their staff; caregivers, seniors housing owners, residents of care facilities; or providers of products and services to seniors. Additionally, we hope to have elected and non-elected government officials and the thousands of seniors we care about enjoy our articles and content. Given that our goal is to provide as many articles and stories of interest as possible, they may come from our own editorial writers or be submitted by others.