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WNTR Savings

United Sport & Cycle WNTR SAVINGS Marketing campaign featuring promotional pricing on winter sport gear.

United Sport & Cycle typically holds a winter clearance sale and in this case we decided to do something a little different. We partnered with Lift Interactive and implemented a campaign hashtag, some abstract graphics, and a new landing page approach. With these changes we totally revamped the campaign. Consequently, WNTR Savings has been a huge success in the following years and it looks fabulous to boot. Not too shabby for a clearance campaign!

We created banners, in-store pricing signage, and a social strategy. We also employed email marketing and digital advertising. These types of campaigns tend to have way more moving parts than you might realize. And coordinating between departments, inventory, website, and the various marketing initiatives can be a complex and sometimes frustrating endeavour. But we nailed it.

Posted in Campaign, Concept Development, Creative Direction, Digital Advertising, E-mail Marketing, Marketing, Social Strategy

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