My Name is Leslie Irvine

 The Art Institute of Vancouver graduated me with honours in 2009. It was there that I discovered my aptitude for – and love affair with – pre-press and everything to do with logo design. Freelance work with agencies and small business owners then allowed me to create children’s art kits, engage in book layout, develop my illustration skills, and deepen my relationship with advertising. During this period of growth and exploration, I fell in love with my now husband and moved to Edmonton with my then 6-year-old. Once in Edmonton, I worked with an agency where I designed newspaper ads, lawn signs, billboards, company calendars, and project proposals for politicians and clients in the oil and gas industry. Next, life led me to forge real friendships and to willingly shed blood, sweat, and tears for a family-owned powerhouse and Edmonton institution: United Sport & Cycle.

First as their resident Graphics Coordinator and then as their Marketing Specialist, I supported them in layout design, logo development, and web design. Throughout my five years as part of the United Sport & Cycle team, I have been responsible for e-mail marketing (MailChimp), and advertising (Facebook/Instagram/Print/City Billboards). I coordinated with Google experts (AdWords/Analytics) and oversaw both in-house (Fiery, Ricoh, Xerox) and outsourced printing. I also consulted on the launch and design of two 40,000 SKU e-commerce platforms and made significant contributions to the company-wide software implementation of Office365 and Sharepoint. 

I have worn so many hats and feel like I have pretty much done it all. I also know there is much more to do and even more to learn.

With Leslie Irvine Design & Marketing I have finally made my way back to freelance work. Flexibility and independence allow me the time I want and need for my family and the opportunity to offer my skills and passion to multiple people and projects. My sweet spot has always been small and medium sized businesses and my goal is to work with like-minded people who value wholeness, wellness, collaboration, problem solving, and creativity. Whatever your project, I am excited to help you flourish on your journey as I continue on mine.


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