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What people have to say about me

"I worked side-by-side with Leslie when I was Digital Strategy & Content Coordinator in United Cycle’s Marketing department.

From the beginning, Leslie’s expertise and professionalism was clear. She approaches every project by asking the right questions, talking to the right people, and then providing the right results. I always knew I could count on Leslie 100% to do an outstanding job of her work and have it done on time—and look out to make sure I had mine done right and on time, too.

Leslie is a talented graphic designer with a clean style and extremely high attention to detail. She possesses a rare blend of right-brain organization and critical thinking, and left-brain originality and creativity. She has a solid understanding of design for web and knows how to ask the right questions in developing user interfaces that feel intuitive and look good, too.

She is a strong, clear communicator and is proficient at keeping all the right people in the loop on the status of every project. She has a great understanding of marketing strategy and creates concepts, campaigns, and designs that get results. In working with Leslie, she provided smart, yet kind and gentle mentorship to me. Leslie is an outstanding colleague, a talented designer, and I am now incredibly lucky to call her my friend too."
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Kasandra Staniscia
Worked Directly with Leslie at United Sport & Cycle
"Leslie is skilled, professional and her ability to turn projects around quickly is astonishing. She is extremely easy to work with and produces creative, quality work consistently."
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Dennis Clark
Worked Directly with Leslie
at United Sport & Cycle
“Leslie is a talented designer and illustrator whose unique take on the world lends an immediacy to her work. She has a seemingly endless supply of fresh ideas that she is always willing to put to work in service of the needs of her clients.”
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AnnMarie MacKinnon—Writer
Managed Leslie Indirectly at Spicebox
“Leslie has worked with Rose Country from 2011 through 2013—both as an employee and then as a freelance contractor. Leslie is very creative and brings enthusiasm to the work she does. She performs her tasks quickly thanks to her excellent knowledge of creative software programs. Our clients are continually impressed by the end result of the projects she has been involved in.”
Brian Stecyk—President
Managed Leslie at Rose Country Advertising & Public Relations
"I write to recommend Leslie Irvine. She has created advertisements for me along with also designing my web site. Leslie is a gifted Graphic Designer who knows how to listen and then manifest what you have envisioned. She is an awesome talent and a pleasure to communicate with regarding any graphic designing work. Yes… HIGHLY recommended by me."
Kjaer Petersen of K-O.ME Clothing
Kjaer Neletia Pedersen
Client of Leslie’s
“During the time that I worked with Leslie at SpiceBox, I was continually impressed by her dedication and talent. She possesses a very rare combination of innovative creative ability and solid technical knowledge, and I would unhesitatingly recommend her for any position.”
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Sid Plested
Managed Leslie Indirectly at Spicebox
“This is my personal recommendation for Leslie Irvine. Until recently, I have been Leslie's coworker as the Senior in-house Graphic Designer. I found her work to be consistently well thought out, tackling all assignments with dedication, great creativity and a smile. I highly recommend Leslie for employment. She is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization.”
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Morgen Matheson
Worked Directly with Leslie at Spicebox
I have had the privilege of working with and alongside Leslie for many years – whether in her capacity as a freelance graphic designer and as a permanent full-time graphic designer at United Cycle. As a colleague, her manager for a time, and a client I cannot say enough good things about Leslie as an individual, as a professional, and in regards to her work.

Leslie is extremely detail oriented and highly motivated, has always delivered her projects on time, has always very clear understood and exceeded the scope of the projects she has been tasked with, always comes to the table with a variety of options and solutions to fit the client’s needs, and is all around very pleasant to work with.

Leslie is truly one of those people that when you meet her and get the opportunity to work with her, you know that you’re in good hands and with someone with whom you can trust in.

I would not hesitate to recommend Leslie!
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Eryne Sarabin
Tycoon Events is a current Client
Managed Leslie at United Sport & Cycle
June 8th, 2018 I lost one of the most amazing people on my Team that I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

Leslie Irvine is one of the most talented Graphic Designers I have ever seen. Creative, thoughtful, inspiring, imaginative, industry leading are just a few ways to describe her work. And if that isn’t enough to have caught your attention, have I mentioned that she is also a marketing, digital and social strategist with a keen eye on brand identity?

More than all of her talents and abilities though, Leslie is one of the most incredible human beings I know, and one I am very proud to call a very close friend. If you are looking for someone to help your business take the next step, I just did you a huge favour by pointing you to your new contract Design and Marketing Specialist.

Leslie Irvine is the real MVP ❤
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Kelly Hodgson
Managed Leslie at United Sport & Cycle
"Leslie is very detailed-oriented and produced great results for Rose Country Advertising & Public Relations. She is a very talented graphic/web designer and keeps current with the latest trends and technologies."
Margaret Horton
Worked Directly with Leslie at Rose Country Advertising & Public Relations
“Leslie is a very creative designer who works fast and is quite efficient. She would make a great addition to any design team.”
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James Badger
Worked Directly with Leslie at Spicebox
“Creative and reliable, Leslie was an exceptional student. She is extremely intelligent, hardworking, honest and easy to get along with. She takes responsibility for her projects and their thorough completion, and she never misses a deadline! Leslie takes direction well, and she loves design challenges that she can really sink her teeth into. She also has the patience and understanding required for the more technical business of printing and offset file management. For all these reasons, any technical or creative department would greatly benefit from having Leslie on their team. Hire her before someone else does. You’ll be happy you did! :-)”
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Derek Jamenski
Taught Leslie at The Art Institute of Vancouver-Burnaby